Communities are the foundation of wellbeing. It’s where we’re born, live and contribute to society. It’s also the place where we experience the harsh realities of everyday life.  We provide services that allow you to access behavioural insights and engage  with the EQ supply chains that cut through the complex dynamics that define  the lived experience of the people you serve, and open up possibilities to change lives for the better. 

Citizen Engagement

More so than ever before it’s important to align your organisation with the current and future issues that the public are concerned about and motivated by. Very few organisations can overlook concerns such as climate change, ethical issues and fast-changing value systems that inform the citizens and communities. We engage citizens to determine how your services and products can better meet their needs.

Social Prescribing

If you’re commissioning or delivering statutory services in health or social care you should talk to us about how we can help shape your offer to improve the wellbeing of your beneficiaries and the people they care about in their daily lives. We have experience and knowledge in designing and delivering high impact wellbeing services that reduce demand on statutory service provision.

Space Making

Often the space in which a service or product is delivered can make all the difference to long-term and sustained outcomes. We connect people with existing community spaces and design experiences that help them feel comfortable and safe. We specialise in  breathing new life  into cherished community spaces.