Pandora's Apple

Your Social Agenda or Mine?

The Metamorphosis of Convention The way we perceive and evaluate connections has changed forever. The idea of a “new normal” is being talked about everywhere; from the lips of politicians, to brand advertisers, in our communities. The weeks and months of lockdown have provided ample space to pause and reflect. During this time we’ve also

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Digital Tools and Social Media

Learning Together at the Speed of Trust

Now Is the Time What does it mean to be human in the 21st century? To be present in our mind and our body? To ask ourself, are we prepared for the challenges of the future? Can we take this crisis as an opportunity to change our mindset, to open up to new learning and

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Navigating Possibilities

A Good Place to Start The German language has a singular word which speaks to the idea of implicit trust in a person’s ability to learn and flourish. The word is “zumuten” which in effect means nurturing potential with dignity and respect. It is the capacity to acknowledge the growth pains and the fears a

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Community and Public Service

The Upside of Collective Trauma

Coping? Maybe. But at What Cost? However we choose to make sense of the global Coronavirus pandemic (or not as the case may be) our responses may well demonstrate a widely misunderstood phenomenon, namely social trauma. The chronic stress caused by uncertainty has increased significantly over the past decades. Living with chronic stress means being

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Two seconds

When the clocks chime in the New Year, it will be either side of two extraordinary, seconds. One will be the first of a new decade, the 2020’s. The other will be the last second of the previous one. Together they frame a moment that dissects a twenty-year span of time, creating 2 distinct eras.

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Our Mission

Connecting citizens,  companies and government to create new models of care from the ground up