As yet no words

Unlearning the Learning One interesting way to judge an innovation’s impact is to examine its linguistic influence. It’s a bit like the ripples made by a pebble dropped into a pond, the force and scale of the ripples say something about the pebble. The Hoover brand not only became synonymous with vacuum cleaners in general

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Benefits of Journaling

Mindspace is Handcrafted Exercising our fine motor skills by using our hands for writing, drawing, knitting and so on, engages the mind in a very special way.  It boosts cognition induces a relaxed flow-state in our mind and body. It’s why such activities play such a prominent role in the socialised wellbeing movement. People are rediscovering

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EQ Sense-making

The Designer’s Paradox

You can’t design guaranteed outcomes in a complex living system but you can maximise the likelihood of a good experience. The challenge for the designer is this: experience is highly subjective and filtered through an emotional lens over which we rarely (if ever) have complete control. With practice, we can tune into this “engine” and

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Feeling the Light

Seasonally Adjusted If you experience low mood and drops in energy levels at a particular time of the year, you could be one of the 33% of people in the UK affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  It happens in all seasons but more often when the trees have shed their leaves, the autumn sunshine

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The “No Plan” Strategy

The Science of Improvisation When you hold space for others you are holding space for yourself at the same time, because you are fully present in the moment and open to emerging possibilities. It’s not about planning every last detail because there is no “plan” as such in the here and now; there is only

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The Seventh Sense

The Creativity Conundrum We’ve previously blogged about the idea that we’re all born with the instinct to make sense of the world around us by practising playful creativity. That’s all well and good but where does the sustained need come from and what it has to do with our health and state of mind?  By

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Our Mission

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