Taling Learning

Parlez-Vous human?

As a student, I did a year-long internship at the French engineering company Alstom just north of Paris. It was the mid-1980s and an interesting period in the computing industry. For example, I saw one of the first demonstrations of 802.5 compliant token ring local area networks in action at the Tech Expo in Le

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When Butterflies Spread their Wings

The Priceless Gift of Serendipity We often talk about the serendipitous nature of conversations that lead to meaningful innovation. We also like to talk about the system magic that happens when lives touch. We first met Yinka Suleiman 3 years ago at a Community Resilience workshop sponsored by Birmingham City Council and a local forward-thinking

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Our Brummies in Abuja

Serendipity Is Priceless A new wave of wellbeing is being fueled by tech-savvy creatives with a passion for social justice and a shared vision of a better world. Their mantra is “do good things, keep moving and stay in touch.” It’s communities doing what they do best and leveraging digital tools to accelerate impact. In

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Time for a New Web

Taking Stock of progress This year’s Dimbleby lecture by Sir Tim Berners-Lee was extremely thought-provoking. He spoke with calm, erudite passion about the need for a mid-course correction to the current direction of travel of the internet. The technical insights were fascinating, as would be expected from the man credited with one of the most

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Not So Secret Sauce

Neomakers Creating impactful outcomes for social value requires us to look past the outdated conventions of competing public and private sector forces. The game has changed. The revolution has come and gone. The reality of 21st-century economics is a fast-moving fluidity that brings us together in more ways than we dare to imagine. (Age of

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Free Broadband

High Fibre Diet or Potential Riot?

Our Lives Must Touch Labour’s campaign pledge to give all households free access to high-speed broadband has made it to their manifesto. Delivery would necessitate the partial re-privatisation of the corporate giant, British Telecom (BT), at a cost of tens of billions, which some say could be more wisely spent on other basic public services.

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Our Mission

Connecting citizens,  companies and government to create new models of care from the ground up