As yet no words

Unlearning the Learning One interesting way to judge an innovation’s impact is to examine its linguistic influence. It’s a bit like the ripples made by

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Benefits of Journaling

Mindspace is Handcrafted Exercising our fine motor skills by using our hands for writing, drawing, knitting and so on, engages the mind in a very

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EQ Sense-making

The Designer’s Paradox

You can’t design guaranteed outcomes in a complex living system but you can maximise the likelihood of a good experience. The challenge for the designer

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Feeling the Light

Seasonally Adjusted If you experience low mood and drops in energy levels at a particular time of the year, you could be one of the

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The Seventh Sense

The Creativity Conundrum We’ve previously blogged about the idea that we’re all born with the instinct to make sense of the world around us by

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