Lumina and the Meat Pies

Mysteriously Delicious Pies

Moore’s Law and Then Some Typically manufacturers release a new smartphone, tablet or PC every 12 months which is faster and more powerful than the previous model and yet remains around the same price or cheaper. This idea, as articulated, in Moore’s Law has been hitherto a well-established principle in the field of technological development

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Needle with past tools fliying through space

The Digital Human

Whose Field Are You Ploughing? There is evidence that early humans were using one natural compound to fashion a softer one into a useful implement well over 300,000 years ago. This process known as “bruting” is a skill that is still practised today and is the basis on which gemstones are cut and crafted. It

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New Learning Models

Goodbye 3Rs Hello 3Ps

People, Places, and Possibilities  The 3Rs of Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic have long been the bedrock of modern education systems; the keys to the kingdom of knowledge and understanding. The kingdom itself is becoming an altogether different place where new relationships are being forged to tackle society’s intractable issues. Individual problems become possibilities when reframed

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Sun, Rainbow, and Balloons with Crayons

Slings, Arrows and Sunshine

Unblocking So how do we go from scribbling away with youthful abandon to the arduous wielding a pen to sign on the dotted line of mind-numbing bureaucracy? Usually, in the vain hope, it will cushion us from yet more of life’s arrows? The tabloid headline describing this kind of travesty would read something like “It’s

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Cave Painting

Born to Doodle

Squiggling Reality  We are all born with the instinct for creativity, then life happens. Think “cave paintings” and ask yourself what inspired people to decorate the walls of a cave with images and glyphs? They were arguably making sense of the world around them by recreating it in graphic form. Similarly, if you’ve ever observed

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Old News is Good News

If Digital Is the Old Normal What’s Next? Coronavirus has accelerated a transformation that was already well past its tipping point. Now, through the current wave of digitization, our education systems have also been teleported through the vortex of cyberspace to rematerialise in a parallel universe where the younger generation is already comfortably co-existing with

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