Hand Holding Red Grapes

Got Any Grapes?

When Lives Touch Most people reading this article will have at some point found themselves in a shop asking the assistant: “Excuse me, where are the grapes?” You can substitute grapes for beans; coffee; bananas etc. Grapes are not the point. You see, not that long ago this precise scenario was the root cause of

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Girl blowing bubbles

The Muddled Middle

Old Farts, Smoke and Bicycles David Cameron’s “Big Society” policy failed to capture the imagination of the British population. Its prominence in the 2010 election manifesto was not borne out by the subsequent legislation, nor did it show impact in the projects sponsored on the ground. Did this foreshadow government’s diminishing ability to cross the

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Members at the Happy Hub

Smiling Not Waiting

Rising Tides Recent social trends such as an ageing population and the democratisation of information, through the internet, ought to be good news stories. So why are they creating new pressures on public service systems? Especially when, lifestyle medicine with its focus on nutrition, sleep and exercise over medication, is gaining traction. We’re living in

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An Apple a Day

Gatekeepers and Changemakers According to the adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. The idea speaks to the wisdom of prevention through healthy eating. Today it could easily be a metaphor for wider wellbeing. Through our choices, we’re able to do good not just for ourself but also for others. How often do

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Subdued Dog Laying on the Ground

Underwhelmed and Misinformed

Read All About It On the 23rd June 2016, the “B” word became the defining socio-political issue of our time. It was like flipping a coin that landed on its edge then watching in slow motion as it teetered, knowing whichever way it eventually lands it will delight some and isolate others. Those others being

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As Yet Untitled

Facing Up to Isolation The small conversations at Charisse Kenion’s event last week were thought-provoking, to say the least. On a dreary, rain-drenched morning, people turned out to enjoy a coffee and a casual chat, before sitting for a portrait. One sitter talked about “how it was back then” when she and her husband of

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