Needle with past tools fliying through space

The Digital Human

Whose Field Are You Ploughing? There is evidence that early humans were using one natural compound to fashion a softer one into a useful implement

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New Learning Models

Goodbye 3Rs Hello 3Ps

People, Places, and Possibilities  The 3Rs of Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic have long been the bedrock of modern education systems; the keys to the kingdom

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Cave Painting

Born to Doodle

Squiggling Reality  We are all born with the instinct for creativity, then life happens. Think “cave paintings” and ask yourself what inspired people to decorate

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Old News is Good News

If Digital Is the Old Normal What’s Next? Coronavirus has accelerated a transformation that was already well past its tipping point. Now, through the current

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Up Up and Away

Raising the Game Once our children held in their hand the ability to instantly search the infinite pool of knowledge that is the world wide

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