Sylvia at the Happy Hub

A Growing Heart

Food Glorious Food Sylvia has a passion for growing food and, as it turns out, a desire to share it. We first met her in April 2018 when she came along to a community event in Kings Heath and took a keen interest in the nutrition conversations. She grew up in the Carribean where she

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Portrait Painting

Portraits of connectedness

In our experience of working with isolated older adults, a number of factors recur with notable regularity. Chief amongst them is a deep-rooted desire to be heard and to connect. People frequently tell us “no one understands me” and with that, there often comes a sense of frustration. Following on from our Happy Hub experiment,

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Cognition and wellbeing

Beware The Bias  On 20th April 2018, 8,000 Starbucks stores across America closed for a day so all the frontline staff could undergo “unconscious bias” training. Starbucks had received some unwanted, brand-eroding attention when news of an incident in one of its Philadelphia stores went viral on social media and mainstream channels. Why? A branch

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Paradox of Memory and Experience

They say Goldfish can only remember For three seconds at a time.Reliving everything over again.Can’t help thinking we are all goldfishAnd life is tucked away tightly in nonsenseFilled seconds; three ticks at a time.One potatoTwo potatoThree potatoBut no more; never four I spendToo much time dreaming about My precious three seconds.They say an elephant never forgets.What a

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Me and my squibs

Vulnerability proved to be my best friend throughout my wellbeing journey. I realised, whatever else was going on, there were at least a few constant, tangible things I could hold fast to. Sure, they were all in my head. But when no one was there to naysay me, I let them out. All of them.

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Red Pill

I Chose the Red Pill

I’m new to blogging. I’m sharing this in the hope it will somehow help others. In many respects, I’m “paying forward” a debt of gratitude for the help I have received from Dr Andrew Coward, Jacky and Donna at the Freedom Project in Kings Heath, Birmingham. I’ll say more about the amazing work they do.

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Our Mission

Connecting citizens,  companies and government to create new models of care from the ground up