Green urban scene

In Great Fields Something Stays

Green with hints of blue and gold There are good reasons why Birmingham and the wider West Midland ecosystem is the perfect environment for an emerging wellbeing phenomenon. As Joseph Chamberlain said, “In great fields, something stays ..” Birmingham is currently the only UK city that is part of the global “Biophilic Cities” network along

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You Are Enough

What’s Really Going on – Part Two

So here’s the news flash: there will always be someone prettier, smarter, thinner, wealthier….(fill in the blanks) than you and that’s okay. That really doesn’t concern you at all. What you should be totally focusing on is this: Are you growing and evolving according to your values, goals, needs, and wants? If that’s the case,

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Heart on Wall

What’s Really Going on – Part One

Do you ever ask yourself “Am I good enough”? Many of us become masters of creating negative stories that we play on repeat in our heads. The kick in the teeth is we don’t even realise they’re negative, such is their impact on our psyche. I saw an Instagram meme just the other day that

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The world we live in is described as the ‘Information Age’. This latest  Industrial Revolution is a digital one, allowing us to carry powerful computers in our pockets and on our wrists. A report produced by Domo showed that in 2018 in just one minute over 49,000 photos are uploaded to Instagram; 510,000 comments made

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Naomi in Action

Age of the Neomaker

The world-wide Maker movement has become a well-established phenomenon over the past decades. Few would deny that hands-on creativity is a good thing. The visceral process of making stuff is powerful energy that affects us and those around us in equal measure. Our most recent prototype (delivered over 18 months in Kings Heath, Birmingham UK)

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Maker magic

What Works Well

It’s About Navigation In this blog, we share what worked well (and indeed what did not) about the 12-month long social prescribing pilot we designed and delivered in Kings Heath, in the form of the 7 citizen engagement “tools” that participants rated the most impactful. We also try and share “why” and “where next” in

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Our Mission

Connecting citizens,  companies and government to create new models of care from the ground up