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The Pledge – Part Three

A YEAR OF LEARNING Gratitude was the chosen theme of the first Happy Hub event of 2019 for good reasons. It was what Members said they wanted to talk about to mark the New Year. Quite frankly, a number of them literally didn’t expect to still be alive on 28th January. It was also the

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Plate of Healthy Salad

The Pledge – Part Two

Mickey and Mum What does “gratitude” have to do with current government policy and the future of health and social care services in England? Possibly, more than we have allowed ourselves to believe thus far in the appreciation of less formal community models. Our capacity to express collective gratitude, especially through times of adversity, is

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The Pledge – Part One

GRATITUDE, GIVING AND SERENDIPITY During the January Hub, we introduced a new feature into the service model; Wellbeing Pledge Cards. It builds on the popular bullet journals that some members have been using to diarise their wellbeing journey.  The cards will circulate amongst the Members and Makers and serve to capture and share, in story form,

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It Started With a Smile

Just think about it for a second. How many of your neighbours would you call your friends? Do you really know what makes them smile and laugh? When was the last time you had a meaningful interaction with the very people you spend your entire lives living adjacent to, with just inches of plaster separating

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More Than a Bellyful

A Bellyful is Never Enough One of the main barriers we face when it comes to eating mindfully is our tendency to be distracted whilst we eat. Our busy working lives may dictate we take our lunch breaks al-desko and our breakfasts on the fly. A busy home life makes mindless eating attractive; seductive even. In

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Good Food is Your Best Friend

What is Mindful Eating? Our relationship with food is one of the most significant indicators of health and wellbeing. We have more control over our eating habits than we may think, or choose to believe! For many of us, informed decisions, making subtle changes in eating habits and taking our relationship with food seriously can

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