Lumina and the Meat Pies

Mysteriously Delicious Pies

Moore’s Law and Then Some

Typically manufacturers release a new smartphone, tablet or PC every 12 months which is faster and more powerful than the previous model and yet remains around the same price or cheaper. This idea, as articulated, in Moore’s Law has been hitherto a well-established principle in the field of technological development but could itself become obsolete, or at least be approaching the point of diminishing relevance. Why? Because we humans are finally closing the gap. The conveyor belt from the demon barber’s chair to Mrs Lovett’s meat grinder is slowly and surely being dismantled as we find new, fun and surprising ways to connect and create value. We’re no longer obsessed with the idea of faster, newer, shinier gadgets as we are with the question of what we can do with them. Sure there is always the incidental risk of feeding the beast, but at least we’re getting wise to it.

Unlearning the Impossible

It is really about awareness and survival, and this brings us back to the phrase “constructively involved”. Who wants to be slowly eaten alive by a beast they cannot see, understand, pacify or tame? It’s not a pleasant reality to get your head around. Yet it’s the principle at the heart of some of the 21st century’s most lucrative business models

“Using Digital Devices in Ignorance Means We’re Not Just Involved, We’re Fully Committed .. With Both Feet in the Pie.”

Whenever we use Facebook and other “fun” attention-grabbing platforms to share our amusing videos of yet another cute cat falling off a window ledge, we’re involved. When we register our details for “free” access to yet another shiny new tool or app, we’re involved. Even the simple act of making a call on a mobile device or paying for goods electronically, means we’re truly and deeply committed. Nothing wrong with a bit of fun if we’re aware that’s what it is we’re doing.

True it’s difficult to avoid being the person in Sweeny Todd’s chair hoping for a nice, neat haircut. But we do have a real choice as to whether or not we end up in the meat pie. We owe it to ourselves, as a matter of wellbeing, to take two important steps to be digitally literate in the 21st century. Firstly, understand to a meaningful degree the inner-workings of these amazing instruments we have come to rely on more and more. Secondly, learn to check in with our own emotional state as and when the need arises. Armed with these complementary tools the world becomes a vast playground ready and waiting for us to contribute our creative energy. Let’s play nicely with one another and be on the lookout for those new possibilities to connect!


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