Sam German

Cognition and wellbeing

Beware The Bias  On 20th April 2018, 8,000 Starbucks stores across America closed for a day so all the frontline staff could undergo “unconscious bias” training. Starbucks had received some unwanted, brand-eroding attention when news of an incident in one of its Philadelphia stores went viral on social media and mainstream channels. Why? A branch …

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Paradox of Memory and Experience

They say Goldfish can only remember For three seconds at a time.Reliving everything over again.Can’t help thinking we are all goldfishAnd life is tucked away tightly in nonsenseFilled seconds; three ticks at a time.One potatoTwo potatoThree potatoBut no more; never four I spendToo much time dreaming about My precious three seconds.They say an elephant never forgets.What a …

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Maker Magic

Previously, we talked about how this wellbeing service brings together members on the one hand (they’re neither patients nor clients whilst they’re in the Hub) and makers on the other. We went so far as to suggest there appears to be a new breed of makers who have a very particular focus and dedication to …

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The Village

A Dollar Spent Earnestly in the Village is Undoubtedly a Wonderful Thing, but Why are Universal Measurement Tools as Rare as Unicorn Droppings? System Fable# 6: The Village A King summoned her three bravest and most trusted Knights of the realm and informed them she would need to go on a pilgrimage. (Yes women can …

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Our Mission

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