Maker Magic

Previously, we talked about how this wellbeing service brings together members on the one hand (they’re neither patients nor clients whilst they’re in the Hub) and makers on the other. We went so far as to suggest there appears to be a new breed of makers who have a very particular focus and dedication to …

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Jam Tomorrow

The Simple Matter of Delivering Predictable Outcomes in a Complex Ecosystem While Making Jam (or “Jelly” as Some May Know It) How often are you expected to deliver systemic outcomes within a defined timescale? Afterall, these days the quality of products and services can be predictably measured in terms of the end-to-end process and the …

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Lightbulb on Lawn

Grassroots Innovation

Bottom-up System Change Something very interesting is unfolding right now in the West Midlands.  The winds of change have been gently blowing over the Region for a while and now there’s a palpable whiff of innovation in the air. Together with a range of partners, we are introducing a ground-breaking App which could significantly increase health and well-being across the region by offering people everywhere the …

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Handful of Soil

Black Gold

The Power of False Truths It’s a warm spring evening in Brooklyn, New York, 1916. People are shuffling into a Baptist chapel to hear the legendary Dr. Russell Conwell speak. He talks about Ali Hafed, a poor Indian farmer whose life was changed forever following the briefest of encounters with a monk. During this chance encounter, Ali’s eyes had been opened to the deepest …

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Seedling Coming into Bloom


A Day to Remember Thursday 16th June 2016 was an amazing day. It was the day when Birmingham City University (BCU) hosted the Investment Readiness workshop for our first wave SeedPod ventures. The event was the culmination of 5 months of hard work on the SeedPod curriculum. It afforded the social entrepreneurs an opportunity to practice their pitching skills …

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