Maker Magic

Previously, we talked about how this wellbeing service brings together members on the one hand (they’re neither patients nor clients whilst they’re in the Hub) and makers on the other. We went so far as to suggest there appears to be a new breed of makers who have a very particular focus and dedication to the wellbeing of others. So now we’d like to share more about the magic that occurs when these dynamics combine. It creates a ring of confidence that transcends the conventional structures of time and place.

A good case study might be Chris. He’s been a member of the Happy Hub since April and we’ve been supporting him on his wellbeing journey. He’s been doing a lot of walking because that’s what he wants to do. As a result, his weight has dropped off. We also looked at fishing, cycling and other possibilities. None of which seemed to get him buzzed.

During our many conversations with Chris he did, from time to time, talk about art. He had never tried it but was curious. We helped him find the times and locations of the nearest art classes to where he lived. For some reason (which we’re still exploring), he never quite got round to attending any them.

So, at the June Happy Hub session, we introduced Chris and a half-dozen fellow members to Faiqa Uppal ( She had kindly agreed to host art therapy sessions as part of the Hub’s growing list of wellbeing services. It was then something truly magical happened. In Faiqa, we witnessed the sheer joy of a dedicated and talented artist sharing her life’s passion. By the way, that’s what makes her special – she’s a cycle breaker. At the same time, Chris’ face tells its own story, allowing us to bear witness to something quite extraordinary; the moment a person finds their “space” for the very first time.


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