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As a writer, it’s always exciting to find yourself creating content for an innovative organisation. Indeed the process is all the more enthralling when the company in question supports and epitomises your long-held beliefs about health and social care. I’ve been writing for charitable organisations and foodie/wellness publications for near on three years now. I’m delighted to have recently joined pocZero as a member of their media team, and look forward to sharing my story with you through the wonderful powers of the web.

On a personal level, the link between health and nutrition has been at the heart and soul of my writing from the very beginning and forms the basis for all that I strive to express. I’ve been interested in mindful eating for several years now, which is why I’m so delighted to be taking part in the next BHappy Hub, which will highlight to members the importance of mindful eating. I first came across the term mindfulness when I signed up for a community meditation project in Leeds around 4 years ago. Imagine the scene: fifteen strangers all gathered together in a rented university hall, sat cross-legged upon floor cushions which were meticulously laid out to form a semi-circle.

We’d come together as a group of stressed, at the end-of-our-tether, anxious twenty-somethings. Troubled by the strains and tasks of our modern lives, we hoped a three-month course on easing stress would enable us all to unlock the secrets to becoming at ease within our racing minds. What we didn’t expect was how these conversations would come to change our lives forever.

Your Tummy is Your Best Friend

Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experiences– Jon Kabat-Zin

The next BHappy Hub on Thursday 23rd August will highlight the art of mindfulness in our day to day lives, focusing upon the benefits of eating with purpose and intent. For the time being, it remains a “members only” event, based upon your local GP’s referral. With this in mind, we’re keen to share some of the great conversations and activities planned for the day more widely, so as to encourage healthcare providers and professionals.

On the day, one of our guest speakers Harry Snell, will be hosting an enthusing and interesting chat for those whose wellbeing goal is weight loss. He’ll be helping members with tips and tricks to avoid hunger through smarter food choices. Also at the Hub this time around, Alex Reid will be doing a live cooking demo. Alex is a Birmingham based vegan restauranteur who has volunteered to show our members how they can prepare plant-based dishes for every taste, in a matter of minutes and on a budget.

Harry Snell having a chat with one of the BHappy members

Mindfulness – Fad or Modern Day Necessity?

Never before have we lived in a world where we are so obsessive and analytical about our physical health. We drink plenty of water; eat a varied diet; wear gadgets to measure and promote our activity rate, all in the hope of attaining optimum wellness. Yet at the same time, we remain so willfully blind to the negative connotations that our ever-wondering, ever-awake minds are having upon our wellness.

What we may not be aware of, however, is the fact that even when we choose to eat a balanced diet, the vast majority of us succumb to eating our foods in an utterly mindless way. Mindless eating is linked to obesity, weight gain and chronic fatigue. So what exactly is mindless eating and how do we go about preventing ourselves from slipping into its tempting trappings? The members and makers will explore this question at this week’s BHappy Hub. I’ll be on hand to capture the learning points and share them with you in a series of blog publications. But in the meantime, please try your very best to listen to your tummy.


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